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National Cybersecurity Strategy


Cybersecurity has become of a great importance in today’s increasingly digitalized and connected world. The National Cybersecurity Strategy was born to address this need, it aims at planning, coordinating and implementing security measures to make the country safer and more resilient.

The strategy seeks to achieve 82 measures by 2026. A path of innovation is defined by the National Cybersecurity Agency which is also responsible for checking that the objectives are achieved in due time.


2022 – 2026

National Cybersecurity Strategy

The challenges

Rapid technological evolution always comes with new risks for cybersecurity and the National Cybersecurity Strategy aims to address the following challenges:

To ensure a cyber resilient digital transition of the Public Administration (PA) and of the productive system

The cybersecurity of digital services is important to encourage their usability by citizens, who must be sure of the protection of their data.

To predict the evolution of the cyber threats

The impact of any offensive cyber activities must be foreseen, prevented and mitigated as much as possible.

Preventing online disinformation in a broader context of the hybrid threat

To guarantee fundamental freedom in situations like electoral consultations or during international crisis.

Management of cyber crises

To give a prompt response in the event of cyber crises events, the coordination between all concerned public and private subjects is essential.

National and European strategic digital sector autonomy

To have direct control over the stored, processed and transmitted data through modern technologies.

The objectives

Three fundamental objectives have been identified by the National Cybersecurity Strategy to address the country's challenges efficiently:


The protection of national strategic assets by using an oriented approach towards risk management and mitigation, consisting of a regulatory framework, measures and control tools to enable a resilient digital transition in the country.


Responding to national cyber threats, incidents and crises, through systems for monitoring, detection, analysis and activation of processes that involve the whole national cybersecurity ecosystem.


Safe development of digital technologies to meet the needs of the market, through tools and initiatives aimed at supporting centres of excellence, research activities and businesses.

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