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Agenzia per la Cybersicurezza Nazionale

The cybersecurity program


The objective of the investment is to strengthen the national digital ecosystem by enhancing cyber threat monitoring and management services. Thus, capabilities to monitor, prevent and respond to cyber risks and events will be significantly strengthened through a national cyber services network, appropriately integrated with key public and private partners.

The National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN), together with the Dipartimento per la Trasformazione Digitale (DTD), will steer the enforcement of the investment by fostering synergies and interconnection across the Public Administration, the industry and the technology service providers.


A cybersecurity investment program for a more cyber secure country

The three pillars of the investiment

The National Cybersecurity Agency will coordinate the evolution of the infrastructure and services needed to implement the national cybersecurity strategy that is built around three pillars:

Develop cyber resilience capabilities across the country

Strengthen the national technology scrutiny and certification capabilities

Enhance the cyber capabilities of the Public Administration

The benefits of the program

More effective monitoring, prevention, and response services and procedures against cyber threats to:

Securely store and manage government data and services

Identify malicious cyber events as early as possible and mitigate their effects

Strengthen national cyber technology assessment and certification capabilities to pave the way to a resilient digital transition of the country

Milestone and targets

December 2022
December 2024
The New National Agency

Establishment and operation of the new National Cybersecurity Agency

National Cybersecurity Services

Initial deployment of national cyber risk detection, management, and mitigation services

Laboratory network startup

Activation of the network of assessment and certification laboratories under the supervision of the Center for National Assessment and Certification (CVCN)

Central Inspection Unit

Start-up of the Central Inspection Unit of ACN to support the monitoring of the application of security measures in line with the reference legislation

Cyber Strengthening interventions for the Public Administration

At least 5 cyber capacity building interventions for the Public Administration to protect citizens' data and services

December 2022
December 2024