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Agenzia per la Cybersicurezza Nazionale

The national cybersecurity website is on its way.

The adoption of the Law Decree 82/2021 has redesigned the national cybersecurity architecture through the establishment of the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN) to protect the national cyberspace.

The ACN is the National Authority for Cybersecurity and ensures coordination of the public stakeholders involved in the matter through a structure that pursues excellence, from recruitment to ongoing training of personnel, in order to create and maintain in Italy those skills - at the international state of the art - necessary to lead the country in the complex multidimensional process of continuously raising national cyber resilience.

With the main goal of sustaining the digital development of the Country, the Agency promotes public-private initiatives to strengthen the national cybersecurity and resilience posture.

The ACN aims at targeting the national and European digital autonomy helping the improvement of cybersecurity and digital capabilities in cooperation with the national industrial, research and academic stakeholders.

The ACN endorses educational programmes aimed at developing a national cybersecurity workforce. It encourages awareness campaigns and a strong cybersecurity culture.

Promotes cooperation and development of international actions and projects aimed at the realization of a secure global cyberspace.

The roadmap

14 June 2021

Containing urgent provisions on cybersecurity, definition of the national cybersecurity architecture and the establishment of the National Cybersecurity Agency.

4 August 2021
Conversion into law of the Law Decree 14 June 2021, n. 82

The Law Decree was converted with amendments into law 4 August 2021, n. 109.

5 August 2021
Appointment of the Director General

Pursuant to article 2, paragraph 1, letter c) of Law Decree n. 82/2021, the Prime Minister appointed Professor Roberto Baldoni as ACN Director, in line with the Council of Ministers’ resolution and after noticing the President of COPASIR and the parliamentary committees.

1 September 2021
Start of operations

The starting point of the internal structuring phase and of the activities of the Agency.

7 September 2021
Italy’s National Cloud Strategy

Publication of the summary document regarding the strategy for the implementation and management of the Cloud in the Public Administration sector.

13 September 2021
The Prime Minister’s Delegation for Cybersecurity

The Prime Minister has given the mandate on cybersecurity to the Under-Secretary of State – the Delegated authority for the security of the Republic, Prefect Franco Gabrielli.

16 September 2021
First functions entrusted to the ACN

As to article 7 of Law Decree n. 82/2021, start of transfer of functions to the Agency, including those already ensured by the DIS relating to CSIRT Italia, establishment of the cybersecurity Core, implementation of the National Security Perimeter Law for cyber, single point of contact for the NIS directive of the European Union.

16 September 2021
Appointment of the Deputy Director

Pursuant to article 2, paragraph 1, letter c) of Law Decree n. 82/2021, the Prime Minister appointed Mrs Nunzia Ciardi as ACN Deputy Director, in line with the Council of Ministers’ resolution and after noticing the President of COPASIR and the standing committees.

24-27 December 2021
Approval of the Agency's implementing regulations
18 January 2022
Adoption of subsequent acts of the Cloud Regulation

The implementation of the Italian Cloud Strategy moves ahead with the definition of the model for the classification of data and services of the PA and the requirements for digital infrastructures and cloud services intended to host strategic, critic and ordinary data and services. Acts 306/2022 (Annex) and 307/2022 (Annex).

26 January 2022
Start of collaboration with the Italian Data Protection Authority

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the President of the Italian Data Protection Authority, Pasquale Stanzione, and the Director General of ACN, Roberto Baldoni, for the exchange of information and the promotion of good practices in cybersecurity.

22 February / 1 March 2022
Start of of first recruitment phase

22 febraury 2022
Notice of competition published for the recruitment of 50 permanent Information and Communication Technology (ICT) graduates

1 march 2022
Notice of temporary recruitment of 11 professionals published.

19 April 2022
Online the classification of data and services of the PA

Since April 19, through the PA digitale 2026 platform, PA bodies can perform the classification procedure, preparatory to the migration process foreseen by the regulatory framework of the Italian Cloud Strategy, aimed at strengthening the security of public data and services.

25 May 2022
Italy’s National Cybersecurity Strategy

Publication and press launch of the new National Strategy and related Implementation Plan.

15 June 2022
Appointment of the Agency's Technical-Scientific Committee

Undersecretary Franco Gabrielli - Delegated Authority for the Security of the Republic, after hearing the ACN Summit Committee, signed the decree appointing the 9 members of the Agency's Scientific Technical Committee.

30 June 2022
Start of operations of CVCN

Start of operations of the National Assessment and Certification Center for the assessment of ICT goods, systems and services intended to be used on infrastructures that support the supply of essential services or essential functions for the State.

30 July 2022
Regulations on the accreditation of the testing laboratories

The Regulations on the accreditation of the testing laboratories and connections between the National Assessment and Certification Center, the accredited testing laboratories and the Assessment Centers of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense was published in the Official Gazette n.164 of 15 July 2022.

August 2022
Approved the technical determinations stipulated in the Regulations on accreditation of testing laboratories

October 2022
DPCM for the transfer of AgID functions to the Agency

December 2023
End of first recruitment phase

Following the definition of the implementing regulations, by the end of 2023, ACN staff’s enhancement program will begin with the integration of 300 units to support the development of the activities that are expected to be carried out by the Agency.